Monday, September 04, 2006

Arms of Love

If you have not already read this novel, please do!

Arms of Love by Carmen Marcoux

It is a beautiful story of love and courtship, and how it all COULD turn out.

Or in my case, how it all COULD HAVE turned out.

The couple in question decide to not even kiss on the lips before marriage, but this isn't portrayed so much as a rule to follow but as something they wanted to do personally. I think one can follow the same path, without necessarily going that far or even doing it exactly like that. I hope I can convince my kids to try being friends first...

Thing is, they make it look so easy to convert people. Like a ripple effect. The one girl's faith and purity gets to the guy, and then to the guy's best friend's girlfriend, the best friend isn't too happy, but eventually converts himself, as does the mother of the first guy, and her new husband. All within months (sometimes days) of coming into contact with this girl (and then the newly converted guy).

In real life, I'm afraid to say, it doesn't work that way.

But what if...

What if I had been like that girl and I had had the guts (and the knowledge) to stay away from places where HE would have been tempted. (If though I wasn't)

Would Elerossë eventually have converted, at first because he really was attracted to me, and then for himself, because he really saw that there was something there? Did I miss that opportunity? Or would he just have dumped me, knowing he wouldn't get anything from me? (Or more likely, me him knowing the faith thing wouldn't work) Either way, it would have been for the better.

I guess half the time, we make our own crosses to bear here on earth. Not that life is unbearable, but marriage could have been so much more.

I worry about my children. I am sure my husband will have a very bad influence on them. I hate thinking about that. But I see it coming. He's already talking about the kids having girlfriends or boyfriends, and talking about his boys getting lots of "experience". But the girls will have to stay at home forever... Talk about double standards and hypocrisy.

Noone should taouch his daughters, even he doesn't like that idea, so some tiny part of hime KNOWS what is right and what is wrong, but who cares about other people's daughters. His daughters should get that kind of love and respect, but noone else's daughters really matter. Not even I was worth that kind of respect.

I guess it was my fault for not making him respect me.


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