Monday, April 03, 2006

Well, I can be thankful

...thankful that at least that Elerossë is not an abusive husband. It is only when it comes to religion that he hurts me, and mostly it is because he has no idea that it hurts. Mostly he is attacking religion in general, but to attack faith, especially Catholicism, is to inadvertantly attack me. After all, if I adhere to such a thing, it must make me just as ignorant, stupid, stuck-up, hypocritical, up-tight, in need of emotional "crutches" as the rest of the Church and members of any other religion to boot right?

Elerossë is not abusive, and I have come across apparently Catholic men who still emotionally abuse their wives, while going to daily mass, and monthly confession and abstaining from meat on Fridays in Lent!!! It would seem that these are of the "reluctant" catholic category however, practicing because it is expected of them or because it is what they have always done. Some seem to just have grown up with really bad examples for parents and have emotional issues themselves.

So things could be worse. At least I am not on an emotional roller coaster. (Although some of the things these wives were saying I could relate to...) Quite frankly, faced with choosing the otherwise nice anti-catholic and the emotionally abusive catholic, I think I'll take the anti-catholic.


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